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Wireless Access Points Design and Installation in London

You might be familiar with the experience of strolling around your London home only to realise that your smartphone’s Wi-Fi signal is inexplicably faltering. What’s happening? You might have walked into a “dead zone”, where your router just isn’t providing enough Wi-Fi coverage – perhaps because the router is too far away for its signal to reach this particular part of your home.

A router can also struggle to cast a strong enough Wi-Fi signal in a specific area if the signal has to travel through a large solid wall or other obstruction to get there. In situations like these, you should seriously consider having what is called a wireless access point (WAP) set up in the problem area. Our team can install multiple WAPs in London homes.

In doing so, we can leave you with an exhaustive and even level of Wi-Fi coverage right throughout your London residence. You could have one access point in your living room to serve your smart TV and another WAP in your home office to facilitate your freelance lifestyle, while multiple WAPs dotted throughout the property could work well with a multi-room audiovisual system.

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Our WiFiAccess Points Solutions Are:


If your home’s Wi-Fi coverage falters in a particular area, just put an access point there.


Each access point you add to your home can be up and running in minutes.


Wireless access points can be used with a vast range of online-ready devices.

How Wi-Fi Access Points Improve Your Wi-Fi Coverage?

A Wi-Fi access point works by sourcing an internet connection and bandwidth from a broadband router or switch, to which the access point will be connected via an Ethernet or data cable. The WAP will then transmit and receive a wireless signal in one of two Wi-Fi frequency ranges: 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. This signal can be used to connect wirelessly to a Local Area Network (LAN).

Therefore, a Wi-Fi access point can be the ideal solution if you have a Wi-Fi-compatible router that, by itself, can’t quite transmit a strong enough Wi-Fi signal to every part of your London home that needs it. Even if your home’s broadband is fast on paper, a weak Wi-Fi signal could still hamper the internet speed in practice.

As a result, you could be left paying for a faster connection than what you get. You could also find that weak Wi-Fi connectivity adversely affects smart home tech in your London abode. For example, if you regularly stream video in a home cinema, you could find that the footage starts buffering unless a router or WAP is sufficiently close by.

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Why Choose Wi-Fi Access Points for Your Home Automation System?

  • Wi-Fi is secure and tried-and-trusted wireless technology
  • Wi-Fi access points are quick and easy to set up
  • You can add more access points as and when you need them
  • We use products from Ubiquiti’s reliable UniFi range
  • Many different types of wireless access point are available
  • These access points can easily connect to mobile and stationary devices alike
  • The access points we offer include POE-compatible models
  • We can fit access points supporting both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands

Why We Use Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi Solutions?

For various reasons, we routinely install Wi-Fi access points from the Ubiquiti UniFi range. In this way, we can add anything from just one WAP to several as part of an extensive smart Wi-Fi setup. The UniFi range also includes many different models of WAP – meaning that, for each client, we can carefully select the specific units that will best meet their needs.

So, we might opt for a basic model if you only want a little extra Wi-Fi coverage in one or two rooms – perhaps the home office and a games room. In such instances, you might want a WAP that can be affixed easily to a wall or ceiling without looking unsightly – and, reassuringly, Ubiquiti does offer WAP units of this description.

However, if your home has many different devices which all need resilient connectivity, rest assured that there are Ubiquiti UniFi solutions to suit. We could install WAPs that can accommodate many different device connections and are POE-compatible, meaning that both data and power for this WAP can be provided through a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable connected to it.

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Wireless Access Points Installation FAQs

There’s an especially quick and easy way to do this – by using Google. Just do a search for “speed test” on Google, and you will be sent to Google’s own speed tester, which you can activate just by hitting the big blue ‘Run Speed Test’ button.

You can get a more accurate sense of your connection speed by logging into your router, if this is possible.

You can do this by downloading a free Wi-Fi analyser app to your phone. Switch on this app and then move around the property.

If there are particular areas in the house where – as indicated on the app – the Wi-Fi’s strength significantly drops or cuts out completely, these would evidently be good places to position Wi-Fi access points.

Generally, you should use those devices where it would be impossible or impractical to provide them with online connectivity through wired means. Such devices can include:

While some of these could still be online-connected through physical wiring, such wiring could be costlier to install than you would deem worthwhile in this instance.

If you want the strongest, fastest and most secure online connection possible, online connectivity delivered through a dedicated Ethernet cable would fit the bill.

For this reason, a hard-wired solution – like our structured cabling service– would be the way to go for any online-reliant devices or systems that aren’t regularly transported within or out of your home; think, for example, audiovisual equipment installed in a home cinema.

A Wi-Fi range extender would have various limitations not applicable with Wi-Fi access points. An extender:

  • Can be very unreliable
  • Would need to be placed where strong coverage already exists
  • Can practically cut signal strength in half

If you get in touch with us, we can talk you through various Wi-Fi options which would prove much more reliable than an extender.


Yes – we can do this by visiting your London property for free and analysing it, as well as how you routinely use it, to determine precisely where Wi-Fi access points should go.

This, in turn, would help us to assess exactly how we should install those WAPs. The installation job could require us to add wiring to particular rooms of your home.

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