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What are Smart Home Lighting Control Systems?

The days when your home needed to assign a separate switch to each of its lights are long gone. Now, it’s very viable – perhaps surprisingly, even financially – for you to control all of your home’s lighting from just one panel, which could be on your phone or tablet screen. 

That’s how a smart home lighting control system works. It allows you to control your lighting from practically anywhere in the world as well as adjust that lighting’s colour, mood or temperature, making your home’s lighting potentially more versatile than ever. In your London home, this opens up an array of exciting possibilities with lighting – and our installers can help you make them a reality, as we are ready to install all of the technology your smart home lighting system needs.

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Our Smart Lighting Solutions Are:


You can change your lighting’s tone, colour and ambience on the fly, saving you needing to swap out bulbs.


Whatever your requirements in lighting aesthetic and performance, let us know and we will tailor your smart lighting solution to suit.


You can control all of your home’s lighting from a single control panel – even one on your phone.

Our Smart Lighting Control Systems


We make light work of installing Savant fixtures

The Savant logo is an undoubted mark of quality in the smart lighting market, and that’s unsurprising when you consider the sophistication of the brand’s lighting solutions.

Though it is possible for you to install Savant products yourself, we are a Savant Authorised Dealer, enabling us to provide you with full smart-home features along with colour control.

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A pioneer and leader in home lighting solutions

Lutron is an especially popular purveyor of lighting control systems, not least as the Lutron-made systems are compatible with practically any light you can buy.

These systems also come with uniquely styled keypads that can be engraved as well as programmed to provide a range of lighting scenes.

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Overhaul your home’s lighting with Control4

If your home already uses a Control4 home automation system, that can easily be automated with Control4 lighting and interfaces to leave you with an all-in-one solution.

The lighting options available with Control4 include wireless options as well as centralised alternatives ideal for homes being freshly built or remodelled.

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Compact lighting that makes a big impact

If your property is particularly small or being retrofitted, we urge you to strongly consider a Rako light control system, which lies on unique wireless technology.

Rako lighting can be controlled from a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and smartwatches – and the lighting scenes are breathtaking.

Philip Hue

Easy to set up, easy to expand

The Philips Hue smart lighting range allows you to do anything from setting a single room’s mood to casting your whole property in a vibrant colour.

It all works through a Bluetooth-controlled system – and you can easily buy new Philips Hue bulbs to further expand your home’s smart lighting system.


On the crest of a Lightwave

A wide range of smart lighting solutions are possible with Lightwave, a platform which enables you to personalise your home’s lighting on a room-by-room basis.

Lightwave products are also compatible with Apple HomeKit, meaning that you can control your home’s lights just by uttering voice commands at your Apple device.

Our Lighting Control Services:

Lighting Design

Often, no two spaces quite match in the lighting they would suit. For this reason, in designing lighting solutions for your home, we will collaborate closely with architects, interior designers and, of course, you, the client.

Smart Lighting Control Systems

With these systems, the possibilities can feel practically endless. You can scale your lighting’s ambience level up and down as well as switch off multiple lights simultaneously by uttering just a single vocal order.

Lighting Installation

After consulting with you about your needs and preferences, we will carefully select the right lighting fixtures to include in your installation – as well as choose the smart home platform from which you can control it all.

Commission & Program

How would you like your lighting to look and when? We can visit you at home during the dark hours and adjust lighting levels until you see what you would like us to program into your lighting system.

What Are The Benefits of Lighting Control?

  • Improved energy efficiency, meaning lower energy bills
  • You can adjust the lighting to suit your preferences
  • You can still control your home’s lighting when you are out
  • You don’t have to swap out lighting to change its colour
  • You can easily move a light’s ambience further up or down a scale
  • Lighting control can be integrated with your “smart home” system
  • You can store your lighting preferences
  • Your home is better-lit for safety

What Are The Features Of Our Lighting Control Systems?

Easy to Use

Even children and non-English speakers can easily use these systems.


You can configure the lighting settings to satisfy your requirements.


You can optimise your lighting usage and so save big on your energy bills.


However you like your lights and at what time, it’s an option.


No matter what type of light fitting you have, you can control it with ease.

Retrofit or New Build

Whether your home is old or now, we offer a lighting control system to suit.


Make your home look alive with activity, even when it isn’t, to deter burglars.

Curtains & Blinds

These can be fully integrated into your lighting scenes.

Bespoke Mood Lighting Design & Installation

What type of lighting would you like in your home? It probably depends on the given moment or occasion. Indeed, as humans, we have an ingrained desire to see brighter, revitalising light in the morning and softer, soothing light in the evening.

Meanwhile, the tone of lighting you would want for an exciting party could differ significantly from what you would prefer for an intimate, romantic evening with your partner. That’s where the versatility of our mood lighting solutions can come into its own.

Whether you control that lighting’s ambience from your phone or automate the lighting so that it regulates its own temperature for different times of the day, you can – thanks to our installers – take much of the anguish out of making sure your mood lighting is “just right”.

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Automate Your Lighting to Simulate Home Occupancy

When you are away from home, you naturally want any potential burglars to think that your home is occupied. However, sometimes, simply leaving the lights on when you leave the house isn’t necessarily enough, as some burglars could monitor a home for days before pouncing.

That’s why a safer bet would be configuring your home’s lights so that they automatically switch on and off at random times, as a smart home lighting system would allow. We can install such occupancy simulation lighting for you as part of a broader occupancy simulation installation project.

  • Make your home look occupied when you are on holiday
  • Save money on your home’s energy bills
  • Use existing lighting or new, bespoke lighting
  • Choose lighting that is aesthetically to your liking
  • Control your home’s lighting from your phone
  • See how that lighting is set up even when you are away
  • Combine with other means of occupancy simulation


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Outstanding work done on home entertainment system across 4 rooms at extremely high quality, excellent care taken with already existing equipment and helped procure new ones also. Can’t speak highly enough about the service and outcome - I’d be the first to recommend to anyone.


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Great Tv Hang and Audio visual installation in our large property in Purley, 7 bedrooms all to a sterling finish, would highly recommend versedautomation

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Intuitive Team, Speedy and attentive Company, did an exceptional professional Job from start to Finish. Outcome is amazing and have already recommended them to a friend. Absolutely chuffed with my amazing Cinema room.

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Exceptionally Clever Group, incredible Turn around on our my home automation installation. Really happy with the service and knowledgeable Engineers

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The Audio visual and surround system carried out works really well and my son is now happy as his ceiling bedroom speakers are finally working now. Great Company very patient with all our requests

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My aunt tasked me to find a credible company to design, install and intergrate her Smart home, which was at first a scary feeling but after one call and a consultation visit with Versed automation Ltd I quickly realised the other companies who came out were no match to their expertise and enthusiasm. After a 12 week build, my aunt has finally been able to move back into her home and is ecstatic with her ability to set mood lighting, close blinds from her phone and watch what she wants where she wants...amazing work guys and will definitely recommend!


Home Automation Installation completely surpassed all my expectations. It was a big investment for our family but from the beginning they were very professional with planning, design and support. There were no hidden charges and they have a super team. Their staff were always friendly and available but Yemen, who was responsible for all the fittings was brilliant. You can probably tell I am incredibly happy with the end result and have recommended their services to a family member already.


Fantastic service from start to finish. Reliable and honest throughout. Highly recommended.


Incredible service with our Audio visual and tv commercial display in our shop Krunk, fantastic team to work with. Can’t speak anymore highly of them. Thanks versed automation


Professional team. Execellent service and job well done. Very pleased

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Needed a smart security system for my house and messaged Versed automation online. I received a call back straightway, had a home assessment 2 days later and the work scheduled and completed the following week. I'm very happy with the results and overall found them to be very professional, quick and great value for money

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Awesome, didn’t know what I was missing! Now I have added comfort in my home. Quick installation and team was also very professional too. Thumbs up!

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What an amazing team. Went above and beyond to recommended, supply and install a fully integrated home automation system. The URC is a great toy and very cool. WiFi is on fire!!! Will be using them without hesitation moving forward. Anthony and his team are professional, experienced and a pleasure to work with.

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Lighting control is easy to use, but the various options are not always easy to decide between – hence why we are happy to provide guidance.

When designing your home’s new lighting scheme, we will create a 3D render of that design to accurately show you how the lighting will look in a given room of your home.

Yes – in lots of different ways. For example, you can easily switch off lighting even if you forgot to do so before leaving the house, while the lighting can also be automated for extra efficiency.

You might favour casting a dinner scene in a soft, romantic glow or using colour lamps to provide a suitable aesthetic theme for a Christmas or Halloween party.

These include TVs switching on and off, as we can provide with our home automation services, and even certain movements. We can also divert your intercom to your mobile phone.

Yes, as the home automation system we install for you can allow for this, meaning that what people can see from outside your home will never be the same on a daily basis.

Yes, in various ways – such as by shining intensely when someone is detected approaching your home. Please look at our home security solutions page for more information on this subject.

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