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Imagine if you could walk into your living room or private den, such as a “man cave” or “woman cave”, and – with just a tap on a control panel – turn that room into a home theatre complete with everything you need for an immersive audiovisual experience.

It might sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but it can all be in your very own London home when you arrange for us to fit out a fully-equipped theatre room in your property.

We can provide all of the essentials necessary to ensuring thatyou can just sit back and enjoy the likes of sports, films, TV shows and music gigs being brought to vivid life on a big screen in your home.

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Home Theatres We Design and Fit Are


Your home theatre, when not in use, will look almost indistinguishable from an ordinary room.


You would have many different options for your home theatre when it comes to, say, the lighting, decor and sound system.


As a matter of routine, we design home theatres to make them feel luxurious to use. 

CEDIA Approved Home Theatre Installers London

Versed Automation is accredited by CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association), the global trade association for the smart home sector. As a result, you can be confident that our home theatre expertise is borne out of regular, ongoing training.

We know that key to the appeal of a home theatre is its versatility. Most of the time, this room will resemble just “another” part of your home – such as its living room. However, when called upon, it can also serve as a stunning audiovisual space.

We can equip the room with everything it needs to do double duty in this way. For example, we can fit a large TV screen, a projector and a surround sound speaker system – all of which can look nearly invisible or be neatly tucked away when not needed.

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Home Theatre Key Features

Interior Design

We can carefully design your home theatre in a way that ensures its high-performance equipment subtly blends with the surrounding decor.

To this end, we can install retractable screens, conceal projectors and paint in-ceiling and in-wall speakers in a colour matching the predominant hue of the ceiling or wall.

Where technology on which your home theatre will rely can be installed elsewhere in the house, our designers and fitters can make sure that this happens.


In a space where you can watch anything you want, it’s important that the feel of the sound matches or complements the feel of the picture seen on-screen.

As our client, you would be able to choose from various audio options for your home theatre – with Sonos, Dolby Atmos and KEF among the prestigious brands from which we offer speakers.

Any of these speakers we install in your home theatre can also form part of a broader home automation system integrated with every room of your London residence.


Once we have fitted the right audio equipment, we will need to make sure the sound it produces bounces around the room in the right fashion.

We can do this through various measures – including carefully arranging how the home theatre’s furniture is laid out and where the room’s speakers are placed.

We will follow this up by using techniques like envelopment and low frequency correction to tune up your home theatre and thus even further optimise its sound quality.


You have many different options for the screen in your home theatre. For example, you could choose a large, flat-panel television or a projector with video screen.

A large flat-screen display can be hidden behind artwork, which we could motorise so that the display can easily be covered and uncovered as and when necessary.

Alternatively, we could fit a large projection screen in a way that would make it retractable. However we install a screen, through, we won’t compromise on its image quality.


A projector would enable you to cast a video image across a significantly broader area than a TV screen alone would allow – especially beneficial for when watching a film. 

Nonetheless, installing a projector is not a simple job, as that projector would need to be positioned especially carefully to reach optimum performance.

Fortunately, we are thoroughly experienced in fitting projectors in a way that ensures this result. The projector’s appearance will also be made as inconspicuous as possible.


Lighting fixtures can be installed in various clever ways to serve any of your home theatre’s audiovisual needs – all while remaining easy to control in various situations.

You could, for example, opt for motorised window treatmentswith which you would be able to carefully control the theatre’s ambient light and improve your viewing experience.

We also offer shading, which is ideal for preventing the lighting from becomingeither excessive, thus potentially causing a distraction, or overlyscarce, thus potentially obscuring the on-screen action.

After Care Service

As we know that unexpected problems can arise with a home theatre long after it has been fitted out, we offer an extensive after care service.

It doesn’t matter whether the problem concerns the screen, projector, lighting or any other aspect of the home theatre – we can still help.

Furthermore, we can help quickly, visiting your home in London if we are unable to first help you resolve the problem over the phone or email.

Award Winning Home Theatre Systems London

A home theatre is meant to be built seamlessly into one of your London home’s existing rooms without curbing its existing functionality. Therefore, designing and installing a home theatre can be hugely challenging – but our smart home specialists can do so with the relevant thought and care.

We can, for example, install audio systems that work just as well for “small” TV shows as they do for “big” films. In designing your home theatre, we can also design custom seating for it – seating that looks and feels “just right” no matter how you use your home theatre.

When you first contact us about having a home theatre installed in your London property, we will listen closely as you reveal how you would like to benefit from this proposed audiovisual space. Your feedback can then be factored into the theatre’s design as we draw it up.

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5 Star Rating Trustpilot

Versed Automation
5.0 OUT OF 5

I recently had the pleasure of working with Verserd Automation, they supplied and installed Lutron lighting and a cinema room. The team was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, ensuring that every aspect of the installation was seamless. The lighting system has transformed the ambience of our home, I couldn’t be happier with the service and products offered. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their home.


I am over the moon that the Starlink internet system was completed in time for Christmas, as we had visitors coming and no internet coverage. Living in the outskirts of Llandudno, we were only able to achieve 8mbps. However, thanks to Barry’s recommendation and the team at Versed Automation, we are now getting 280mbps throughout the whole house. Everyone’s happy!


They installed 13 Unifi CCTV cameras, smart floodlights, and set up a Unifi network which included 5 wireless access points, with great WiFi coverage even in our garden now. Yamen went above and beyond by recommending, supplying and installing a fully integrated home automation system. The URC system is amazing and would highly recommend Versed automation 5 stars.

Kingsley Northwood

We inherited a “smart house” from previous owners, which stopped working a few days after we moved in. Versedautomation was brilliant at sorting everything out, in spite of having to work on someone else’s preinstalled system, offered very effective solutions, listened to all our requests and even sorted out what Sky engineers couldn’t do. Thank you!

Anna Sizova

Solid planning and spec and seamless execution and snagging. Great service all round

Mark Summerhayes

Versed were great. I had recently moved into a property with speakers throughout, no amps and unlabelled wires left by the previous owner, as well as a Unify wifi network that I didnt have full control of, as well as a few other tech things i was struggling with. Tried a few other companies who were totally uninterested in helping. Versed were more than happy. Yamen came round and was super helpful, working out what all the wiring was, showing me how everything worked. Particularly pleased with their cost effective solution to sourcing amps, getting the right ones for each room (bedroom vs basement cinema room) rather than just suggesting the most expensive for all. Really personal service, able to whatsapp and just generally very helpful for me who is not great at this stuff! Even popped back when I was struggling with one of the rooms. All working great, couldnt recommend more highly. Will be using them im sure when I want to upgrade anything! Thanks Yamen and team.


Good people they put in a surround system and bass shaker and very happy with it nice company

Glenn Passley

We had been having WiFi issues, Luke could not have been more helpful in sorting them out and making sure that everything was working fully before leaving, many thanks


So I am very late on this review (sorry time flys when you are a new dad) - but a few months back Versedautomation installed 13 Unifi CCTV cameras, smart flood light and setup a Unifi network with 5 wireless access points and multiple switches for me in Orpington. They have done a brilliant job, even managing to get hold of the equipment somehow when everyone was out of stock! The system is still running flawlessly, the cables are all well managed and hidden away (even tidied some of my own bad cable management). We now have great WiFi in the garden when working from home, my cars that get updates over WiFi now finally have a perfect signal and actually get updates and the cameras give great piece of mind.


Technology Enthusiasts who always tried to impress and surprise me throughout our Smart home installation and I must say that the end finish is superb and Samuel and Team worked tirelessly to get my project completed on schedule. Their after care has been brilliant too changing a few settings for my daughters Ipad in with a few days of my email

Michael Lewis

They designed and built our cinema Room, can’t keep the kids out of there. Highly recommend versed automation

Becky Shaul

This firm is excellent. Yamen who carried out the work was extremely polite and efficient, and he and Samuel made sure everything went smoothly.

Michael Taylor

Excellent work all carried out efficiently with polite friendly staff.

Vanessa Hughes

Outstanding work done on home entertainment system across 4 rooms at extremely high quality, excellent care taken with already existing equipment and helped procure new ones also. Can’t speak highly enough about the service and outcome - I’d be the first to recommend to anyone.


Very helpful

Chinyere Diamond Ngwu

The best and most reliable

Helen Ngwu

Good after care service , would recommend them as they sorted my Av system for my 7 bedroom property.

Thaya Suresh

Great Tv Hang and Audio visual installation in our large property in Purley, 7 bedrooms all to a sterling finish, would highly recommend versedautomation

Elliott Valentine

Intuitive Team, Speedy and attentive Company, did an exceptional professional Job from start to Finish. Outcome is amazing and have already recommended them to a friend. Absolutely chuffed with my amazing Cinema room.

Remi Rowland

Fantastic Company, Amazing support and very competitively as I made dead cert as an accountant by trade

Shujaat Husain

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Home Theatre Design and Installation FAQs

Here are some questions you might have wanted to ask about our home theatre services but haven’t seen answered elsewhere on our website.

While a home theatre is meant to double as another room, like a living room or den, a home cinema – which we can also install – is dedicated simply to ensuring an excellent audiovisual experience.

The main elements often comprising a home theatre include a large screen, a projector and a DVD or Blu-ray player – as well as a multi-channel surround sound speaker system.

If you anticipate watching many films in this home theatre, a projector would be better at helping you to create an authentic cinematic experience. However, a large-screened TV would be more versatile.

When designing a home theatre, we usually design its seating, too. This seating will be made to a custom design – but, if you would prefer to use existing seating, we can accommodate this.

A “bespoke” home theatre is one carefully designed to adhere to a client’s specifications as outlined in the brief. In other words, it is a tailored and custom-made home theatre.

You can do this through using our website to book a free consultation. This consultation will be held by telephone or video chat, and help us to establish your wants and needs.

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