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Fun though it can be for you to simply throw yourself onto the living room sofa and switch straight to your favourite film or TV series on your TV set, sometimes, there’s no substitute for the immersive, big-screen experience which a home cinema can provide.

As the lights dim and you mentally disconnect yourself from the concerns and worries of the outside world, you could soon wonder why you didn’t have a well-equipped cinema space installed in your London home earlier.

A good home cinema requires a meticulous approach at the design stage and a lot of heavy lifting – both metaphorically and literally – as the cinema is put together. However, our team can efficiently handle all of this work for you.

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Our Home Cinema Design and Installation is:


Your cinema room will be cast in pitch darkness to prevent needless distractions from the real world.


Our team will strategically position the screen, overhead projector and speakers to achieve the optimally immersive effect.


In selecting the right type and amount of seating, we can keep your home cinema’s users in comfort.

Award Winning Home Cinema Systems

Designing a home cinema poses various challenges, but our team have overcome all of them to ensure you can rely on Versed Automation for a comprehensive, all-in-one solution, resulting in an array of home cinema features that all work together in harmony.

We know that every choice you make for your London home cinema should feed into its overall design. The furniture and seating should, for example, afford enough space for individual people in the cinema to leave the room as and when they prefer.

When you enter into a consultation with us, we can guide you through all of the options available while advising you on the practicalities of each for your particular space. With a projector overhead and speakers placed around the room, you can anticipate a breathtaking experience.

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Dolby Atmos Sound Technology

Home Cinema Key Features

Interior Design

Every aspect of your home cinema – from its technology to its furnishings – has to coordinate harmoniously to ensure a sumptuous experience.

That’s why we don’t merely fit out spaces with audiovisual equipment. We can pay close attention to every element of your home cinema’s design.

This encompasses everything from the space’s surround sound system to how your cinema seating is positioned – with your tastes and preferences always at the forefront.


As the sound booms from various parts of the room, you could feel like you are right there in the picture – however intense the on-screen proceedings.

The sound that emanates from the audio systems we install is rich and crisp – whether you task us with installing a surround sound or 3D audio system.

The installation options include Dolby Atmos surround sound technology that allows sound to flow right around the room through individually-placed speakers.


Once your home cinema’s surround sound audio system is in place, it also needs to be optimised throughout to produce that distinguished cinematic flourish.

Our acoustic engineering experts can ensure that such in-room factors as your room and furniture layout and speaker placement are all facilitating good acoustics.

We can then thoroughly tune up your London home cinema, using such techniques as envelopment and low frequently correction, to optimise sound quality even further.


When you can see everything on screen in stunning detail and clarity, right down to individual bristles of hair, you know you are enjoying deluxe picture quality.

However, it’s all in the underlying technology. In optimising your picture and screen, we can ensure vibrant visuals and colours and sharp, high-definition images.

We can optimise the aspect ratio, calibrate equipment and carefully select the screen’s size and materials to leave the on-screen experience as the director intended it.


Your home cinema’s projector can cast the image across a much wider area than a television screen can muster, making for an unmistakably cinematic feel.

However, we know how carefully your projector must be installed, as even its position needs to account for the room’s size to deliver optimum performance.

We can install you a motorised, ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K projector that descends from the ceiling at the switch of a button and we can calibrate after installing.


Nothing says “the film is about to start” quite like seeing those lights dim as you are enveloped in darkness – an effect your home cinema can replicate.

However, there’s a careful balance to be struck with your London home cinema’s lighting – which is why we include shading as part of the package.

While too much light trickling through can be distracting, too little light can obscure the on-screen resolution. We can tip the scales to just the right effect.

After Care Service

We hope you can continue enjoying your home cinema for years to come, but we also know that problems could arise with any of that technology.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive after care service that can help you to resolve any unexpected issues with a home cinema we have fitted in London.

Whether the issue is with the lighting, screen, projector or any other part of the home cinema’s technology or electrics, we can act quickly and effectively.

Home Cinema Seating Design & Installation

Naturally, you want to feel comfortable watching the entire film or TV show you are watching – and a key part of ensuring this is choosing the correct seating for your home cinema. That seating should be comfortably spaced but also let you feel the full impact of the cinema experience.

Nonetheless, the choice of seating remains ultimately yours. You might, for example, favour seating akin to that in a local, commercial cinema – or prefer plush, comfortable sofas strewn with cushions that add a pop of colour. We can guide you in every aspect of your decision-making here.

The furniture we can install for London home cinemas is available in various forms – including prestige sofas, stools and, of course, traditional reclining cinema seats. Your chosen seats can also come with such built-in features as coolers, drink holders, footrests and smartphone chargers.

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5 Star Rating Trustpilot

Versed Automation
5.0 OUT OF 5

We had been having WiFi issues, Luke could not have been more helpful in sorting them out and making sure that everything was working fully before leaving, many thanks


So I am very late on this review (sorry time flys when you are a new dad) - but a few months back Versedautomation installed 13 Unifi CCTV cameras, smart flood light and setup a Unifi network with 5 wireless access points and multiple switches for me in Orpington. They have done a brilliant job, even managing to get hold of the equipment somehow when everyone was out of stock! The system is still running flawlessly, the cables are all well managed and hidden away (even tidied some of my own bad cable management). We now have great WiFi in the garden when working from home, my cars that get updates over WiFi now finally have a perfect signal and actually get updates and the cameras give great piece of mind.


Technology Enthusiasts who always tried to impress and surprise me throughout our Smart home installation and I must say that the end finish is superb and Samuel and Team worked tirelessly to get my project completed on schedule. Their after care has been brilliant too changing a few settings for my daughters Ipad in with a few days of my email

Michael Lewis

Reliable service for maintaining my Control4 system, they are always professional, efficient and thorough.

Laura Jane Hughes

They designed and built our cinema Room, can’t keep the kids out of there. Highly recommend versed automation

Becky Shaul

This firm is excellent. Yamen who carried out the work was extremely polite and efficient, and he and Samuel made sure everything went smoothly.

Michael Taylor

Excellent work all carried out efficiently with polite friendly staff.

Vanessa Hughes

Outstanding work done on home entertainment system across 4 rooms at extremely high quality, excellent care taken with already existing equipment and helped procure new ones also. Can’t speak highly enough about the service and outcome - I’d be the first to recommend to anyone.


Very helpful

Chinyere Diamond Ngwu

The best and most reliable

Helen Ngwu

Good after care service , would recommend them as they sorted my Av system for my 7 bedroom property.

Thaya Suresh

Great Tv Hang and Audio visual installation in our large property in Purley, 7 bedrooms all to a sterling finish, would highly recommend versedautomation

Elliott Valentine

Intuitive Team, Speedy and attentive Company, did an exceptional professional Job from start to Finish. Outcome is amazing and have already recommended them to a friend. Absolutely chuffed with my amazing Cinema room.

Remi Rowland

Fantastic Company, Amazing support and very competitively as I made dead cert as an accountant by trade

Shujaat Husain

Really happy with our Audio visual installation. Great work from team. Amazing Company


Exceptionally Clever Group, incredible Turn around on our my home automation installation. Really happy with the service and knowledgeable Engineers

Ismaail Rehman

The Audio visual and surround system carried out works really well and my son is now happy as his ceiling bedroom speakers are finally working now. Great Company very patient with all our requests

Akhtar Jan

My aunt tasked me to find a credible company to design, install and intergrate her Smart home, which was at first a scary feeling but after one call and a consultation visit with Versed automation Ltd I quickly realised the other companies who came out were no match to their expertise and enthusiasm. After a 12 week build, my aunt has finally been able to move back into her home and is ecstatic with her ability to set mood lighting, close blinds from her phone and watch what she wants where she wants...amazing work guys and will definitely recommend!


Home Automation Installation completely surpassed all my expectations. It was a big investment for our family but from the beginning they were very professional with planning, design and support. There were no hidden charges and they have a super team. Their staff were always friendly and available but Yemen, who was responsible for all the fittings was brilliant. You can probably tell I am incredibly happy with the end result and have recommended their services to a family member already.


Fantastic service from start to finish. Reliable and honest throughout. Highly recommended.


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We can design and install home cinemas to your bespoke requirements, but we also know that you could have various questions about the process.

This is a room that, in a home, has been fitted out to serve as a cinema room – with the relevant equipment, including a projector, screen and speakers, all in place.

Yes – this is one of our media rooms solutions, where cinema-quality sound can be fitted in multiple rooms to enable you to easily take the same sounds from room to room.

We recommend a projector for the most authentic cinematic experience. However, depending on the room’s size and main purpose, you could benefit from having an OLED or LCD TV installed instead.

This is a home cinema designed and installed in response to a brief detailing the client’s specific needs and preferences – such as in the room’s interior design and seating.

Yes. We can integrate this setup into your existing home automation solution or when installing a new home automation or smart home solution for you.

It would allow you to fully control that system – whether it is limited to your home cinema or entrenched in multiple rooms – from a single remote, wall panel or smartphone app.

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