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Given how much time you spend in your home, it makes sense to equip it with sophisticated, high-end tech that helps you to make the most of your abode. Whether you enjoy watching TV or films, listening to music or holding parties, a smart home can enhance the experience. 

Our smart home solutions include intuitive, multi-room controls for your lighting and heating, while installing automated security systems and even fully-supplied home cinemas is also within our remit. We always endeavour to implement the right solution for the client’s needs.

We discern those needs by listening carefully to the client right from the early consultation stage. Here are notable examples of home automation technology we can install in luxury residential properties across London.

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Home Automation

What makes a home “automated”? When it is programmed to proactively meet your needs, as our lighting, heating and security systems alike can ensure.

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Smart Home Lighting

What makes a home “automated”? When it is programmed to proactively meet your needs, as our lighting, heating and security systems alike can ensure.

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Home Cinema Design and Installation

See the lights dim as part of an authentically replicated cinema experience in the comfort of your own London home.

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Smart Home Security

Keep it locked with our advanced security tech, which can continuously monitor your property and protect it from fire and intrusions.

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Smart Heating Control

Some like it hot, but others prefer it moderate. Strike the right balance at the right time with residential heating controls.

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Multi-room Audiovisual

With a multi-room audiovisual system, you can easily play music and video content in domestic spaces uncluttered by wires or set-top boxes.

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Smart Surround Sound

Feel the sound envelope you as it booms from a smart surround sound system installed in your London home by our team.

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Media Rooms

The media rooms we are trained in installing include home cinemas, home theatre spaces and games rooms – complete with audio equipment, seating and more.

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Home Wi-Fi

Once we have set up an intelligent Wi-Fi solution in your property, your household’s online connectivity within those walls never has to weaken.

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Our Brands

We are trained in supplying and installing smart home control systems and home automation appliances from a wide range of globally respected brands, including those listed below.

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Our Recent Projects

We regularly undertake a range of design and installation projects in homes around the UK. Here are just some projects we have completed and an in-depth look at each of them.

Total Control URC Home Automation Installation In Oxford

Brand Name : URC
Location: Oxford

Summary A smarter home property installation A 9-bedroom property in Oxford needed...

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Control4 Home Automation & WiFi Upgrade in East Barnet

Brand Name : Control4
Location: East Barnet

Summary An oversized property in need of Smart Home Functionality In East...

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