Structured Cabling and Wired Networks

Benefit from a well-planned cabling system that supports your London home’s Wi-Fi

Structured Cabling Installation London

Usually, a wired Ethernet connection will facilitate faster internet speeds than Wi-Fi alone – and that’s why you shouldn’t omit to introduce some data cabling to your London home’s online network. By installing this cabling for you in a structured way, we can ensure you are able to benefit from these zippier speeds without amassing a tangled mess of wires and cables. 

As we hard-wire your online network, we will keep an eye on how you intend to use it in the long term. We will carefully assess where in your home you need cabling and then organise that cabling as part of a broader but simple-to-understand network of routers, switches and hubs. It will consequently become much easier for you to troubleshoot devices on that network.

Much of your residential property’s existing online infrastructure might look somewhat haphazard as a result of having been put in place over a long period of time and by numerous different people. However, we can add new cabling to a smart Wi-Fi setup, and make sure you can easily keep track of how everything from phones to printers and webcams is connected to your network.

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Our Structured Cabling Solutions Are:


We can install data cabling anywhere in your house – essentially, wherever in your house you need extra online connectivity.


With structured cabling in place, you can look forward to improved coverage for your home’s Wi-Fi network.


Your router, modem, switches and more can be neatly tucked away inside a structured wiring panel.

Why Use Structured Cabling in Your Wi-Fi Network?

If your home is littered with “dead zones” where you aren’t getting Wi-Fi connectivity from your router, we could set up a wireless access point (WAP) in each of these areas. An Ethernet cable will be connected to the WAP and lead back to the router, allowing you to cast strong Wi-Fi signals into those awkward spaces the router usually can’t reach.

In domestic properties across London, our dedicated team can install hard-wired Ethernet structured cabling with Ubiquiti access points. These WAPs are available in various models, including small, disc-shaped units that won’t distractingly stand out when affixed to walls or ceilings of your home. These WAPs will also provide strong Wi-Fi coverage much more reliably than wireless extenders. 

Ethernet cabling can also add an extra layer of security to your Wi-Fi setup – as, while you are broadcasting through a wire, it would be impossible for anyone to access your Local Area Network (LAN) without being physically connected via a cable. Then there’s the advantage of data cabling providing the bandwidth you could need for a home automation system to run smoothly.

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Why Would a Wired Wi-Fi Network Work Well for Your Home Automation System?

  • A structured wiring panel or enclosure can act as your network’s central hub
  • You can keep routers, switches and other gear all in one place
  • Your smart home can run on a more reliable internet connection
  • You can combine advantages of wired and wireless technologies
  • Ethernet cabling can improve your Wi-Fi network’s range and coverage
  • Ethernet cabling would bode well for your smart home’s security
  • Structured cabling can also be used for HDMI distribution and telephone sockets
  • Wired internet connectivity can save you money in the long run

The Limitations of Wireless Networks

Wireless networks, though useful for keeping our lives well-connected, also have a number of limitations. For example, as these networks are only capable of transferring data up to a particular capacity, a wired network can work much better for transferring large amounts of data, as may be necessary in downloading or streaming content to a multi-room audiovisual system.

Furthermore, how quickly a device can transfer data over a wireless connection will be affected by how close to the Wi-Fi source – such as the router– this device is at the time. Generally, the Wi-Fi signal will weaken the further away the device gets from the source – and, in certain parts of the building, may not be receivable at all.

Wireless networks can also be vulnerable to interference issues caused by radio or microwave signals or other forms of radiation. Fogs and storms can also interrupt Wi-Fi signals and, as a result, hamper the system or prevent it from working altogether. Risks like these help to explain why you could benefit from the backup option of a hard-wired network to go with your Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Structured Cabling and Wired Networks FAQs

Sadly not, as many of the security advantages of having a wired network would essentially end when and where you have to send data over a wireless connection. However, no online security solution would be 100% secure in any case.

For further advice on how you can strengthen your online network’s security, please get in touch with us, such as by phone or email.

It stands to reason that a hard-wired internet solution will, at least in the short term, incur a larger financial cost than a wireless solution – simply due to the increased amount of physical infrastructure required as well as the labour involved in putting it all in place. In the longer term, though, a wired network can more than pay for itself due to its consistent reliability.

Once a wireless internet network has been properly installed at your home and connected through Ethernet data cabling, you will be guaranteed an internet connection when you require it. This can save you having to spend money on things like:

  • Wi-Fi extenders, boosters and repeaters, all of which are unreliable
  • Phone calls made to tech support helplines
  • Cellular data on your mobile at home

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are less expensive than structured cabling. We are happy to report that our services include installing mesh Wi-Fi systems; however, they have the following limitations:

  • They can require clear lines of sight between the router and access points
  • Mesh access points still need to be connected by cable to an electrical socket
  • The main unit must be cable-connected to the router

Your home might not need data cabling if your domestic internet requirements are basic – for example, if you use only a couple of online-connected devices and do little more than browse the web with them. However, your needs could be significant if you regularly use an array of smart home technology – for example, smart alarms and locks and a smart sound system.  

The problem is, this connectivity might no longer be “good enough” if you want to add something to your property that would place extra strain on the network. Here are some home features that can work especially well when underpinned by strengthened online connectivity:

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