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5 ways you could speed up your home’s Wi-Fi connectivity

Read Time: 2 minutes

It’s easy for frustration to set in if your home’s internet connection seems strangely sluggish – especially if, like many people, you are currently working from home.

There are a fair few myths about how to tackle slow Wi-Fi – but you can save yourself much trial and error if you initially try the remedies listed below, as they have all been proven to work in many instances.

Reduce the number of online-connected devices and apps

Many devices in your home could be linked to its Wi-Fi even when it’s just your laptop that strictly needs it in the given moment. As many of those surplus devices probably have apps and functions that use Wi-Fi in the background, you should switch off the Wi-Fi setting on those devices for now.

Don’t leave out-of-use devices near your router

When you aren’t using a particular device’s Wi-Fi functionality, you should keep that device as far away from the router as you practically can. Otherwise, your Wi-Fi’s speed could suffer. Even various offline devices, like baby monitors, halogen lights and microwaves, can have this adverse effect.

Update your router’s firmware

One enduring myth suggests that switching a router on and off can help to restore its speed. While this tactic doesn’t work for all routers in practice, you could find more success in updating your router’s firmware – something you might not have done since you originally installed it.

While manually updating would require you to restart the router and so be without online connectivity for a few minutes, you could ultimately be rewarded with faster Wi-Fi.

Connect your computer straight to the router

You can do this by using an Ethernet cable you could probably pick up for just £1. Make sure you buy a cable with a “cat” number of at least 5, as this would be necessary to spur a worthwhile boost in your Wi-Fi system’s transmission speed and bandwidth.

When shopping for an Ethernet cable, you might spot an especially high-spec one of “cat 8” standard – but don’t worry, you probably won’t need one quite that fast.

Switch to a mesh Wi-Fi system

If you’re wondering what “mesh Wi-Fi” is supposed to be, chances are that you have a traditional router which does all of the heavy lifting of broadcasting your Wi-Fi signal.

A mesh system, however, differs in consisting of multiple access points. So, along with your main router, you can have multiple “nodes” dotted around your home and relaying the Wi-Fi signal to ensure that you don’t have to see your connectivity suffer if you move away from the router.

Thankfully, if you are completely new to mesh Wi-Fi, you don’t have to install it all yourself. Instead, you can leave us to put it all in place around your London residence. Please contact us to learn how our smart Wi-Fi solutions can imbue your connectivity with a new lease of life.