Media Rooms

6 ways you could utilise a media room in your home

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When you return home after a long, hard day at work, probably one of the first things you do is unwind by playing music or watching TV. That simple, soothing experience can, however, be much more powerful in a media room. Here’s how you can effectively build and fit out one in your home.

Think carefully about what type of seating to include

Of course, you and other people who use the room could benefit from somewhere to sit. In a games room, you could arrange plush sofas with enough space for everyone engaged in a multi-player session – while, in a cinema room, you could have seating akin to that of a commercial cinema.

Integrate the required technology firmly into the space

When we install a games room, home cinema or any other type of media room in a London property, we can fit the necessary equipment in such a way that it looks like it was always intended for that space. For example, we can install a display, speakers and more in recessed compartments.

Include some built-in storage

If you love getting an entertainment fix so much that you are attracted to the idea of having your own media room, you probably have plenty of DVDs, CDs and similar items at close hand. Naturally, they can all go into your media room – particularly storage units built seamlessly into it.

Give the media room a living-room feel

Though we can equip your media room with a range of high-end tech including surround sound systems, the room doesn’t necessarily have to look like something out of a sci-fi film. Hanging up some art and including some sofas strewn with cushions can give the space a cosily traditional feel.

Use music-themed decor

If you anticipate using your media room primarily for music rather than television, you could already have the complementary decor you need – in the form of a vintage record player, which could be flanked by modern speakers, and musical instruments you may opt to lean against the wall.

Let that media room flow into a home gym or office

As your life shouldn’t be all work and no play, it makes sense for you to position your media room adjacent to your own gym or office. That way, you are never too far from play – whether the work in question is the moneymaking kind or, ahem, working out.

If you live in London and are ready to start assembling various pieces of a media room at your home, please look into how our media room installation experts could help you immensely with that task.