Smart Heating

Feeling the (financial) heat? How to rein in your home heating costs

Read Time: 2 minutes

Naturally, we all want to keep our homes comfortably warm, especially as the frosty winter season sets in. All the same, though, we all ideally want to avoid having to run into our overdrafts in our attempts to keep the chill at bay.

Fortunately, you actually can have your cake and eat it – or, as perhaps we should instead say, heat it. Here are some simple ways for you to trim your expenditure on residential heating.

Keep your home’s radiator system clean

Water regularly runs through your home’s pipes and radiators in order to help keep your home warm. Therefore, you don’t want that water to be hindered in its journey. Through keeping your radiator system free of sludge, you can make your heating system more efficient.

Warning signs of a radiator system clogged with sludge include cold spots on your radiators or some of your radiators taking longer than others to heat up. If you see any such cause for concern, you could arrange for a local tradesperson to flush the system.

Close your curtains

This simple move can work surprisingly well for keeping your home toasty, as it would help to prevent heat escaping through the windows. This tip is especially worth heeding if you live in a period property where the insulation wasn’t exactly built to modern standards.

That said, you probably wouldn’t love the idea of keeping your curtains closed during the day. Relax, as even just closing them at dusk can make an appreciable difference.

Upgrade your boiler

You might have preferred to see this as a last-ditch effort, since it would obviously incur spending on your part. However, a new boiler constitutes a long-term investment; therefore, if you do arrange for one to be installed, it could be years before you feel any need for a further upgrade.

If your existing boiler was fitted at least 15 years ago, it is probably only about 70% efficient – meaning that about 30p of every pound you spend on heating is basically wasted. Consider replacing your ageing boiler with a new, energy-efficient condensing one.

Turn down your home’s thermostat by one degree

Sparing yourself that one degree can net you a surprisingly decent financial saving totalling between £85 and £90 a year. However, one big reason why you could have long been missing out on this saving is that you probably aren’t in the habit of repeatedly tinkering with your thermostat.

You don’t necessarily need to get into that habit, either – as, when you automate your home’s heating system, you can arrange for it to regulate its own temperature. If you live in London, we could install this kind of smart heating system on your behalf.