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Just a few exciting ideas for your home cinema’s seating in 2020

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When you are putting together a home cinema, you could easily overlook the matter of its seating until the last minute. This would be unfortunate, as it could mean you have little of your budget left over to spend on the seats so crucial to the comfort of people who use that cinema.

Various enticing – sometimes quirky – ideas for home cinema seating abound online, but we have teased out what we would deem some of the most practical, gimmick-free options. 

Traditional cinema seating

This can mean plush seating installed across multiple tiers, potentially allowing everyone in your close social circle to join you in that cinema. In installing such seating, we can ensure it is angled in just the right way, whether that seating comprises regular leather recliners or real cinema seats. 

Even the latter can prove surprisingly inexpensive, and help you to establish an especially authentic cinema feel – which, among your home’s visitors, can provide a fantastic talking point in itself.

Your existing living room seating

Some people like to keep their cinema room as just that: a cinema room. However, you might prefer to blur the boundaries between your home cinema and your living room. It’s quite easy to do that, too – not least as much of the furniture you need could already be in your living room.

Therefore, perhaps the only thing you need to do after that would be positioning everything so that your home cinema’s TV or projector screen is left its eye-catching focal point.

Food and drink compartments

If you invested in genuine cinema seats, cup holders would probably come as standard anyway. However, if you fancy being a little more experimental with your choice of seating, rest assured that many other seats include trays and compartments where snacks and beverages can be easily placed.

Wipe-clean materials

Tucking into those snacks and beverages we have just mentioned can feel like a charmingly familiar part of the cinema experience. However, when you are in the midst of excitement as you watch something exhilarating on the big screen, you could easily drop your food or spill your drink.

If – or perhaps when – either happens, you could more easily wipe blotches off seating materials such as vinyl or faux leather rather than fabric, which you could have to spot clean instead.  

Integrated technology

How much technology can really be integrated into the humble cinema seat? You could be pretty surprised.

Some seating options come with USB ports through which sitters could charge their smartphone if they only notice it’s running low on battery when the film starts. Some seats even include massage features ideal for soothing aching muscles if you have endured a physically strenuous day at work.

As part of our London home cinema installation service, we can implement all of this technology and even make the room’s screen and speakers easier to control through home automation.