Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions

Versed Automation

We design, install and maintain various home automation systems, including but not limited to lighting, heating and security systems, for residential & commercial properties around the UK.

We can carry out work anywhere in the UK. Even though we are a London based company we cover all surrounding home counties around greater London – including, including Surrey. Sussex, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire.

We work with private clients, such as homeowners and landlords, while we also work with architects, interior designers, property developers and commercial businesses.

Support and Maintenance

We can come out to fix your system as and when required or provide proactive maintenance when you opt for one of our client support packages.

These updates should, as and when they become available, be installed to ensure that your system remains secure and reliable and continues to deliver optimum performance.

This is where we can resolve issues with a smart home automation system that was installed by another company – perhaps one that is now defunct or provides unsatisfactory support.

Smart Wi-Fi

Yes, as we can guarantee that a smart Wi-Fi system we install in your London home will provide a strong and reliable signal throughout it.

Though we would advocate a cable-based solution wherever it is practically possible, we also offer wireless Wi-Fi systems that remain rock-solid in their signal and fast in their throughput.

Yes – or, indeed, any other remote building, such as a stable, located on your residential site. We can extend smart Wi-Fi installations to cover such buildings, even without needing any cables.

Smart Surround System

The best speakers for you will depend on where you would like them to be installed and how you intend to use those speakers.

This, too, depends on how you will use the speakers – but some in-ceiling speakers can suffice for playing background music, while many small-form speakers of this type would suit large spaces.

Yes, especially as that system can work well with a home cinema or theatre space down there. We will custom design your surround sound system to enrich your basement’s audio potential.

Smart Home Security

When we thread your CCTV, burglar alarm, lighting system and external sensors through the same smart control system, these linked appliances can work in unison to better secure your home.

If the system detected an intruder in your garden, that system could switch on your lights and hidden speakers to create the illusion that you are in the house even when you aren’t.

With this system, you could – even if you aren’t at the property – check who is there by using your smartphone to see the CCTV view and, if you wish, remotely open the gate.

Smart Home Lighting

This is where, rather than simply leaving lighting “on” or “off”, you can set lighting “scenes” by dimming certain lighting circuits while leaving others undimmed.

You could do so through using an app, a remote control or, built into or onto a wall of your home, a touch panel – or using your voice or even automating your lighting.

Typically, yes. However, some retro-fit systems would enable smart lighting control to be implemented in a traditionally wired home, if not necessarily all such homes.

Smart Home Installation

Though not “essential”, a smart home can ease your lifestyle by making your home more secure and energy-efficient and its lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems easier to operate.

No – this is a common misconception. When designed and installed properly, a smart home will make it easier and simpler for you to operate various parts of your home.

This depends heavily on your home’s size and the smart home setup you seek. We advise you to book a consultation where you can specify your requirements for us to cost.

Smart Home Heating

Yes, such as from a smartphone or tablet. Hence, you can opt to turn up your home’s heating to ensure it is just the right temperature for when you arrive at the property.

Yes, as this technology would enable you to optimise your home’s heating so that it kicks into action only when this is genuinely necessary for the property’s occupants.

Yes. This has its uses when, for example, someone in the house favours a particular temperature butsomeone else in the property at the same time prefers a different temperature.

Multi-room Audiovisual

Yes, as the Crestron-manufactured systems we can install in homes include digital media systems capable of distributing 4K video in multiple rooms of the property.

It works through centralising all audiovisual sources, thereby enabling any room to access any of them. Each TV could show a different source or all TVs could show the same source.

We can do that by installing a slim speaker that is known as a soundbar and features front-left, centre and front-right speakers we can complement by adding surround speakers and an amplifier.

Media Room

These include home cinemas, home theatre rooms, games rooms, and, for commercial properties, conference rooms. We design each of our media rooms to the client’s specifications.

Potentially, yes. Home theatres that can work brilliantly in attic rooms include projector-based theatres with large screens measuring over a hundred inches and theatres based on flat-panel TVs.

Again, potentially yes – especially as basements tend to lack the same head height issues as attics and there is often an absence of natural light.

Home Cinema Design and Installation

We would usually recommend that you set aside at least £8,000 for its audiovisual equipment if the room is normal-sized and at least £10,000 for the room fit-out, including the seating and lighting.

The bill for this can exceed £500,000 for the audiovisual equipment if the room will be large and over £250,000 for a fit-out including the highest-quality finish and seating for that room.

While a home cinema tends to be dedicated to movie-watching, media rooms – which we can also install – are more versatile, as they can also serve as living rooms or open-plan spaces.

Home Automation

While this could be possible with many off-the-shelf systems, you should contact us if you would like something more advanced, like a hi-tech media room or surround sound system, installed.

Yes. We can perform such “rescues” even for neatly-installed work where the linked devices simply aren’t communicating properly. We can also completely re-install a smart home if necessary.

The answer here depends largely on the home’s existing value. However, in high-value properties, lighting control, media rooms and improved security tend to add the most value.